Unveiling the Secrets of Cannabis Terpenes

terpene next to cannabis buds

As the conversation around cannabis grows more mainstream, it’s time we shine the spotlight on a key compound that often goes unnoticed: terpenes. Terpenes give cannabis strains their amazing, mouth-watering scent and aroma profiles, which is an important role of its own. But did you know that terpenes can enhance its effects and therapeutic benefits? […]

Listen To Our Co-Founder Amanda Terpstra on the “The Diary of Mari”

cannabis leaf

At BestBüds, we love to talk about cannabis and how it’s changed our lives for the better. That’s why we’re so excited that our co-founder, Amanda Terpstra, was a guest on the 4/20 episode of the cannabis history podcast “The Diary of Mari.”  “The Diary of Mari,” hosted by friends Angela and Brandon, started as […]

We’re Partnering with [Re] Waste!

four people holding each other wrists in unison

The cannabis industry has a bit of a packaging problem. All those containers, wrappers, and packaging add up, contributing to the growing mountain of plastic waste. It’s a concerning issue, and we won’t just sit back and watch. At BestBüds, we’ve always believed in doing our part for the planet. The thing is, we can’t […]

Understanding Cannabis Strains

cannabis buds on a blue tabletop with one under a magnifying glass

The world of cannabis is vast and reaching thanks to its endless strains, also known as cultivars or varieties. Each strain’s leaves and buds hold a unique story, and understanding these botanical wonders can enhance your appreciation, improve your selection skills, and tailor your experience to perfectly match your needs and desires.  In this blog, […]

5 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in New Jersey

new jersey state outline with cannabis bud on top

As the Garden State blooms into a haven for cannabis enthusiasts, we’re here to help you navigate through the top spots for your cannabis needs. From the bustling commuter towns to the tranquil Jersey shore, each brand brings its unique charm and selection. In this blog, we’ll explore the best of the best dispensaries in […]

Navigating the Cannabis Landscape: A Guide for Cannabis Moms

mom holding two kids all of them looking at an ipad

Hey there, canna-moms! If you’re juggling the joys and challenges of motherhood, you know that self-care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. For some of us, cannabis has become a part of that self-care routine. We’re living in a time where the cannabis stigma is slowly fading, and more moms are openly discussing and […]

Reimagining Your Cannabis Dispensary Shopping Experience with BestBuds & Terpli

tablet sitting on top of cannabis dispensary store counter

At BestBüds, we continuously seek new ways to enhance your cannabis shopping experience. That’s why we’ve proactively developed something truly special behind the scenes – a new approach that’s as enjoyable and personalized as the products themselves. Today, we eagerly introduce an exciting new partnership that aims to transform your cannabis dispensary expectations.   Let […]

BestBuds: Your Go-to Destination for Premium Cannabis

Smart agricultural farm with cannabis. Farmer using tablet computer modern technology for controlling marijuana hemp plantation in greenhouse

Welcome to BestBüds, women-owned adult-use dispensary located in Woodbury, NJ, dedicated to being your reliable cannabis companion. Like any good journey, ours – and now yours – begins with a story. We think it’s essential to know the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of things. That’s why our first chapters revolve around our beginnings and the cornerstones […]

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