Our Story

Bonded by Soccer, United by Cannabis!

Now, you might be wondering – how did it all kick off?

Let’s rewind to our college days at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Sprinting under the summer heat, battling grueling drills, and pushing each other to rise above every challenge, we built a bond that still stands strong – both on and off the field. Fast forward a few years, life as usual took us through numerous twists and turns. Then, about three years ago, a shared curiosity led us to immerse in local cannabis events, and it was definitely a voyage of discovery! As we delved deeper into the fascinating world of cannabis, we became more impressed by the profound, transformative properties it promised.

The more we learned, the more confident we were about this greener, more natural way of life. Imagine our thrill with each new nugget of knowledge we gained – how cannabis alleviated a little girl’s relentless seizures, or eased the pain for a dear friend battling MS. Each astonishing narrative fed our resolve to bring the enriching, healing power of cannabis to others.

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Women Owned

Here at BestBüds Dispensary, we’re proud to be a women-owned business that is truly passionate about the power of cannabis. Struck by the transformative benefits of cannabis, we couldn’t resist creating this space. It’s a haven for folks like you, who want to explore high-quality cannabis products with absolutely no fuss or worries. We’ve got your back when it comes to ensuring you always get nothing but the best!

Our Story Cont.

To put it simply, there’s no greater joy for us than hearing how we’ve helped someone elevate their quality of life. This passion – this bursting energy to make a difference – fueled the launch of BestBüds! Yes, we agree, the cannabis world can seem like a maze with various brands and puzzling certifications. But fret not, we are here to simplify it, painstakingly vetting each product so you can enjoy your journey without a speck of doubt.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about trust – trusting where you buy your cannabis from, and trusting us, your BestBüds, to guide you on this exhilarating natural wellness journey.

– Amanda & Laura, Founders

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We'll be Best Buds someday.

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