Listen To Our Co-Founder Amanda Terpstra on the “The Diary of Mari”

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At BestBüds, we love to talk about cannabis and how it’s changed our lives for the better. That’s why we’re so excited that our co-founder, Amanda Terpstra, was a guest on the 4/20 episode of the cannabis history podcast “The Diary of Mari.” 

“The Diary of Mari,” hosted by friends Angela and Brandon, started as a mystery podcast. Angela received an old diary in the mail with a note that said, “Use this as you see fit.” She called on her friend Brandon to help her discover the mystery behind it. The two embarked on a journey to investigate the captivating entries, written by the mysterious author Ms. Mari Juana, aiming to uncover the identity of the sender and decide what to do with this leather-bound book brimming with rich, historic stories that all related to cannabis.


Season 2 of “The Diary of Mari” includes guest hosts who are cannabis experts who come on to talk about history, mystery, and all things cannabis to get some answers about the diary. In the 4/20 episode, Amanda joins Angela and Brandon to explore an entry from July 14, 1993. Everyone was talking about the movie “The Bodyguard,” including Mari, who feels the movie gave her a bit of a bad rep. For those who haven’t seen the film, it’s the one that Whitney Houston stars in with Kevin Costner and sings “I Will Always Love You.”


With the 90s on the brain, Amanda, Brandon, and Angela get into topics such as awkward moments at middle school dances, dealing with societal judgment as parents, and the etymology of the term “stoned.”


Mari’s entry leads the conversation to reflect on how the portrayal of cannabis in movies and TV can influence public associations with the plant and its consumers. Mari’s entry made one thing very clear: the specific words we use to talk about cannabis are crucial.


You can listen to Amanda’s episode here, and if you want to catch up on the rest of the series, you can find all episodes of “The Diary of Mari” here. New episodes are available every 4th and 20th, so make sure you don’t miss out on Mari’s next entry!

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