Canna-Fitness: Exploring the Connection Between Cannabis and Athletes

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There’s a stereotype that people who consume cannabis are lazy couch potatoes who eat snacks all day. While that may be true for some, there is a much more significant portion of cannabis consumers who live an active lifestyle. In fact, there’s actually a pretty strong link between cannabis and athletes.

In this blog, we’ll explore the connection between cannabis and athletes to discover how this plant can help you power through your next workout.

The Science of Cannabis & Athletic Performance

Let’s start with the science behind how cannabis interacts with your body when you work out. First, let’s talk about our MVPs: THC and CBD. These are the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, and they play very different positions in the body. THC is known for its psychoactive effects that get you “high,” but it’s also got potential pain-relieving properties. CBD doesn’t bring the mental buzz, but it’s a champ at reducing inflammation and anxiety without the psychoactive effects.

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When consumed, these cannabinoids, along with the 100+ minor cannabinoids, interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate everything from pain to appetite to mood. And guess what – this is the same system that makes you feel that elusive “runner’s high.”

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the effects of cannabis can vary widely depending on how much you use, the strains, and your own body chemistry. While the buzz around cannabis and fitness grows, more research is needed to fully understand how these cannabinoids can be used best to enhance athletic performance.

Benefits of Cannabis for Athletes

When it comes to the perks of lighting up or chowing down an edible pre or post-workout, cannabis has a lot to offer. Here’s how a little bit of green can help you stay on top of your game.

Pain Management: Puffs Over Pills

Studies suggest that THC can help decrease pain and help athletes push through barriers of discomfort. This could mean running that extra mile or lifting those few extra pounds. With THC working to reduce pain and CBD helping to keep inflammation at bay, athletes are finding they can manage pain more effectively and with fewer side effects than over-the-counter painkillers.

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Muscle Recovery: Cooling Down the Flames

Working out is all about breaking down to build up, but sometimes your body screams for a timeout. CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, comes into play after your workout, potentially aiding in recovery and helping you avoid waking up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck.

Mental Health: Keeping Your Head in the Game

It’s not just about feeling good during and after your workout. Any athlete knows the mental game is just as important. But sometimes, mental hurdles can stop you from even putting your running shoes on. The right dose of cannabis has been found to ease anxiety and stress, helping athletes stay focused and in the zone. This mental clarity can be a game-changer, whether you’re preparing for a big race or just trying to stay consistent in your workouts.

Sleep Enhancement: Sleeping Your Way to Better Performance

One of the unsung heroes of excellent athletic performance and recovery is good sleep, and cannabis can help with that, too. By improving the quality of sleep, cannabis can make sure your body gets the rest it needs to repair muscles and consolidate memories of new skills learned during training. Better sleep means better recovery, and better recovery means you’re ready to go all out in your next workout.

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Workout Regimen

Now that we’ve covered why cannabis can help boost your training, you might want to try it out for yourself. Before you dive in, let’s make sure you’re doing it right. After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without stretching first! Here are some pro tips on how to weave weed into your workout:

Choosing Your Strain and Products: The Right Fit for Your Fitness

Not all cannabis is created equal, especially when it comes to athletic performance. Some strains energize, while others are more about chilling out. For those pre-workout vibes, look for sativa strains or products high in THC that can give you a mild boost and sharpen your focus. Post-workout, you may want a CBD-forward indica to cool down the body and aid recovery. Don’t forget about topicals! CBD creams and balms can be magic for sore muscles.

Timing & Dosing: Hit Your Sweet Spot

To get the most out of your cannabis-fueled workout, consider using sativa strains about 30 minutes before you start exercising to enhance focus and energy. For recovery, take CBD right after you cool down to help manage inflammation and soothe those aching muscles. As for dosing, start low and go slow. It’s all about finding the amount that works best for you without going overboard.

Staying Legal: Know the Rules of the Game

The legal landscape of cannabis can be as tricky as a new yoga pose. In NJ, it’s not legal to consume cannabis on public property, so plan your dose accordingly. Plus, if you’re an athlete in any sports organization, double-check their regulations. Some organizations still view THC as a no-go, so you might need to stick to CBD-only products. It’s better to play it safe.


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